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Friday, 29 July 2011

Oh my time is flying and here comes a update from me.

Time just flies and I´m busy with work and family, although this weekend we´ll be visiting my dear friend Stina and her family in a town called Eskilstuna, me and Stina have been friends since we were 15 years old, and we´ve been there for each other trough our first meetings with boyfriends, our weddingday and trough our kids birth. So metting her is a special thing for me, she is also my one and only friend that gives me that special talk about God and being a christian that I so often need. She is my rock, that´s for sure :-)

Beautiful Stina!!!

Well back to some creations I made ;-)

On Swap-bot I did a butterfly challenge, and this is the ATC I did.

And this is what I got back

Do you remeber the first ATC I made and uploaded here a while back? Well 2 of them I sent on a ATC swap on swap-bot and today I got two back, loved them both.

The first one shows the women who made women be able to vote in USA, and if I´m wrong, please do comment and update me :-)

I also was in a letter and surprise swap on Swap-bot, you should write two new intro letters and send a surprise in it, well these are the two I got, from Finland

and one from Sweden, she also leaves in the USA :-), the bike card is one of her ATC´s :-)

While talking about letters this is something I need to show off. Lovely handmade bookmark from my dear pal in SriLanka, that´s what I love, handmade stuff made out of friendship and love, thanx dear, I will treasure it as long as I live.

A surprise, surprise swap on swap-bot which I sent, and yesterday I got one for me as well :-) From the Netherlands :-)

And here goes a few pictures of my lovely pets, have a nice weekend, I sure will :-)

"Piggy" and "Tingeling"

"Chip" and "Dale"


Shermi said...

Dear Sandi,
I'm so glad that you liked the simple book mark I made for you.!!!!
love always,