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Monday, 11 July 2011

Newest atrprojects

This is my newest project. Artist Trading cards which I make and sign on the back and swap on swap-bot. The one with the rinbbon on the side is for Melanie who I sent Marias journal to, the other two is for the same person on swap-bot.

Here are some pictures from the art journal swap. We´re 7 girls who all made one journal each (mine got lost) and we keep sending them to the same person. This is Marias journal and she´s from Germany and these are my decorations in her journal. Next this journal goes to Melanie.

My art Journal, which got lost, had to remake my book and now it´ s on it´s way to Michelle in Australia, since Melanie was gonna send it there if my first book had maked it. See

A card I sent to my pal Amy who has been working working way to much lately, just a message that I´ve been thinking about her, she likes owls.

Hugs Sandi


Yohannah said...

You´re such a good crafter (I don´t even think that´s a word :) )