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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Cards I recieved and letters going out.

Hello there, today no mail for me, except my portabal internet so now you can reach me at works as well and guess what....I´m on internet totally legal so not like before. We´re actually not allowed on internet trough our work computer, but if we got our own with us, that´s fine...Silly I know.

Well since I never got any post I´ll show you some of the postcard I´ve recieved lately and my letters which I´m sending.
First postcard id from my longest pal Marina in Germany, we started writing in the 90´s only teenagers, unfortunately we lost conntact, although as I started my penpalling hobby again in 2009 I sent her dad a postcard and she answered, we have ever since had conntact trough mail and sending smal gifts for B-days and X-mas, now she is a member on facebook as well.

Second postcard is from my dear friend Mia, which is a IRL friend and co-worker. The card is from up north of Sweden where she comes from.

Third card is a mystery card from a girl on facebook and one of the swap groups I´m in. The mystery with this card was that it was filled with lovely stuff like stickers and memosheets. After I got all the lovely stuff out of it, it works as a friendshipbook, not sure though I am willing to send it cause it´s so beautiful and what if it never finds it way back home to me?

Now to some letters I´ve sent out. First one, stickers, letter and High Quality Friendship books goes to Karen Lisa in England.

Second picture is a letter for Valentina in Germany with some Friendshipbooks as well.

Third letter goes out to a new pal in Swedden, so it´s one of my intro letters. Well yeah I know, I got well over my limit, but how on earth do you say no if you feel the cklick might be there?! Anyhow it´s my first computer written letter and I hated it, cause I just cant understand such a machine. Unfortunately my fibromyalgia is getting worse and I have to if I want to keep all my lovely pals.

Well stay tuned for more....oh btw just gotto show you....

A letter to me from my daughter, and if you cant see what it is....get glasses...cause is a airoplane ofc cutie is 3 years old and love to be creative.


Carla B. said...

You got a postcard from Tornedalen! :-) How nice!! :-)