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Friday, 15 July 2011

New stuff for me to show

Hi again my dear followers. Well facebook isnt only good to keep up the socialconnection with friends, but also a big part for my swapping and penpalling. The first group I always check is the penpalling and letter group were not only my dear friends are discussing different topics around penpalling, we also swap and share different things between each other. My first swap trough the group was a postcard from Irené in Italy. Well everyone enjoyed the swap so much so we decided to do a secpnd swap, this time a card came from Wien and Babsy.
These swaps were sooo famous that we started up a couple of more swaps and next was a stickerswap I joined, These lovely Hello Kitty stickers comes to from Italy and Marta, who went on a special hunt just to find Hello Kitty for me :-) I took away all the ones that showed Hello Kitty or with the text of Hello Kitty to mine and Wilonas special Hello Kitty collection, the rest me and Wilona shared and she choose so carefully haha.

This cards are a swap from a guy in Italy, I love the Mother Mary card.

This is a label bag swap from Maria in Sweden, you might wonder what label bags are, well ít´s bags which you send among friends, adding 5 of your address labels, taking out one of each that´s already in the bag, making either new label bags for or a friendship book for. It might sound dull, but I just love it :-) It´s nice to see were the bags and friendshipsbooks have been and how far across the world they have travelled.

Here is also a labelswap from Göni in Romania. As you might see, I got quite a lot of work ahead of me, but I´ll take my time to make labelbags and Friendship books for the ppl whom I´ve got labels from. No need to rusch so everything gets sloppy ey?!

I might have told you before that I´m a member of swap-bot, were I find different swaps, this is a postcard from one of those swaps, this swap was called "One person from Each CITY (village) # 5" and came from a lady in the USA :-)

I also send out a coffee swap to Bea in Spain trough penpalling and letters on facebook, and also a labelbag swap which I ofc forgot to take photos of, I also forgot to take a picture of the letter and stickers I sent to Indonesia and my dear friend Fenny.

I´ll try to get better. This weekend I´m off from work which means I´ll get some letters done, 2 of them on computer for 2 guys, one in Norway Roy and the other one in the USA, Mitchell who is in prison after a hit and run. Hopefully I´ll also get a letter to Brazil done :-)

Wilona has 3 letters to get done as well, so loads of more pictures will be coming.....

.....stay tuned and I do hope you like my blog as much as I enjoy writing it :-)

I´m in for a give away which I hope to win ofc, watch it at

Hugs Sandi